Stephen Redding: The Message
The message of “More” lives in a temporarily suspended state. The messenger is taking a hiatus to further respond to some of life’s deep mysteries.

The challenge to listen more keenly and see more deeply – has been placed before him. This leaning and directive remains stronger than ever;

Allow the house of your life to radiate the goodness of your heart along with the caring and compassion from your soul . . .

There are so many who come within your space who cry out and thirst for the warmth and illumination of your presence. Update on all of this coming soon.


P.S. In the interim please enjoy the ‘music’ ha! Reviewing the videos during the interim may help maintain a ‘right’ direction while preparing us for what might be coming next.
Personal Time with Stephen Redding
Connect with Creation:
See and sense your world in greater depth and meaning. Allow Mystic Stephen Redding to accompany your awakening to that which may be most giving to your personal journey. Please provide available times when replying.
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